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Familientherapie bei Praxis Alive

Family Therapy

Families often go through difficult times, even when they love each other. Families can even experience times when some of the households are completely at odds with each other. Specialized family therapy is an option to grow even stronger together. 

Family is where life begins and
love doesn't end.

Family therapy deals broadly with the problems people have in their relationships with some of the most important people in their lives, as well as their social networks. For example, some of the common goals of family therapy could be: improving family interactions on different levels, improving mutual understanding and emotional support between family members, developing coping skills and problem-solving strategies in different life dilemmas and situations.


In this way, your family can find exactly the solutions they need to develop and strengthen themselves together. Families who have been through difficult times have the potential to form a stronger bond than ever before. If you love your family and want to see things get better, then don't hesitate to see a therapist. You can make the progress you want and see the initial problems in your home as part of something you grew together.​

A family therapy session typically lasts about 50-90 minutes, and the intervals between sessions range from one to several weeks, depending on the issues at hand, the needs of family members, the progress of treatment, and other variables. Decisions in these matters are negotiated jointly between all parties involved. In the therapy session itself, more than one family member is usually present in the room, but if necessary, individual sessions or, for example, meetings with parents separately from children are also offered. Both the duration and the framework of family therapy are always agreed between the therapist and the family.

Families can be very dynamic, very intimate, and sometimes very different social fabrics. The challenges they face can be very diverse and usually each person involved has a different idea of what exactly is going on and why these problems exist. 

Some of the issues or situations a family could benefit from through family therapy:

  • Health problems, especially chronic physical illnesses

  • psychosomatic problems

  • Mental health of children and adolescents

  • Adult Mental Health

  • Abuse of alcohol and other drugs

  • Marital issues including separation and divorce issues

  • Nursing, adoption and related topics

  • Themes related to the life cycle of the family and transitional phases of life

  • Encouraging parenting skills and family functioning

  • School problems

  • Traumatic experiences, loss and grief

  • Disruption of family life due to social, political and religious conflicts

Therefore, family can be a great source of support for people, as well as a source of heartache, misunderstanding, and pain. At Praxis Alive, we aim to support families as one by providing the essential tools and skills needed to find greater understanding, connection and a path to well-being.

At Praxis Alive we believe:

The way we speak to our children becomes their inner voice.

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