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 Paartherapeutin Martina Abrahamsen und Natalia Seeger

Couples Therapy

Every person and every couple is unique.

I love you.

The vast majority of couples face adversity at some point in their relationship. Don't wait too long to seek professional help if you're unhappy, as just a few visits to a couples therapist can do wonders.

Couples therapy can be sought not only in times of crisis, but also between relationships or at the beginning of a new relationship. It is also good to maintain a long relationship from time to time. Couples therapy is beneficial, healing and can be implemented in every phase of the relationship and at any age. Many seek professional help when thoughts of divorce overwhelm them. In most cases, the relationship can be saved.

Some issues that couples bring to therapy include:

  • Addiction/Dating Support

  • Balance (work/life/family)

  • Mixed families

  • Chronic illness

  • Divorce

  • Extended family circle

  • Infidelity/cheating

  • Intimacy

  • Postnatal Depression

  • Premarital/Readiness

  • Pornography

  • Sex

Relationship therapy is about, among other things, recognizing the impact of the couple's interactions, emotions, sexuality and the whole life cycle and the things that surround the couple in a friendly and safe atmosphere. Therapy improves the couple's self-awareness and identification of the issues affecting the situation, which in turn helps restore the emotional connection between the couple. In addition, necessary changes for specific problems are identified and processing begins. 

Depending on the couple's situation, the number of couples therapy visits is usually around 5 to 10, spread over a period of two to three months. 

Praxis Alive guarantees you absolute confidentiality and maximum empathy for your situation. Whatever you choose to confide in, Praxis Alive Couples Therapy can cover all areas of a relationship, from premarital therapy to infidelity therapy to divorce therapy, and will help you resolve any issues that you may be troubling about. Praxis Alive will not only help solve these problems, but also help prepare for a brighter future for all involved.

We at Praxis Alive believe:

Sexual dysfunctions can lead to the discovery of new ways of connecting

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