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Therapy and Coaching FAQs

Get answers to your most pressing questions about Praxis Alive counseling and therapy services and how we can support you.

  • How often do I need therapy or coaching sessions?
    We recommend starting with weekly therapy or coaching sessions to explore your concerns and focus on your goals. Once you have reached your goals, we can talk about reducing the frequency of sessions.
  • What are practice alive prices?
    Practice Alive Prices INDIVIDUAL THERAPY: Individual therapy - 170 CHF (50 min.) Youth therapy 170 CHF (50 min.) Individual therapy online - 170 CHF (50 min.) COUPLE THERAPY: Couples therapy - 230 CHF (90 min.) FAMILY THERAPY: Family therapy - 190 CHF (50 min.) Family therapy - 230 CHF (90 min.) The price includes the preparation and follow-up of the sessions.
  • How does therapy and coaching work?
    Psychological counseling and coaching are all processes. What makes therapy work is working with your Practice Alive Professional Therapist, where you reflect openly and honestly in a safe environment about the time you spend together. By opening up to your counselor, you both learn how you think about the world and why you think and behave the way you do. Then your therapist can teach you strategies to think and act differently. Therapy sessions can last approximately 50-90 minutes. It may take up to three sessions before you see and feel a difference. Your therapist needs time to get to know you and vice versa. It also takes time to process and apply everything you learn. Regardless of how often you go to therapy, you will typically find that therapy is becoming a beneficial part of your life and that you have developed a reliable, trusting relationship with your Practice Alive therapist.
  • What is the Practice Alive cancellation policy?
    We would appreciate a 48 hour notice of cancellation. However, if you do not cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance or if you do not show up, you will be charged for the entire session.
  • What are the advantages of being a private customer?
    Private customers pay for their services themselves and can work with all Praxis Alive consultants. The advantages of this payment method are numerous: No medical referral required. Full freedom in the choice of services. Appointment availability No entry in the health insurance file Fast and uncomplicated
  • Are the services of Praxis Alive insured?
    Unfortunately, there is currently no insurance cover through Swiss basic insurance. In some cases, some of the services provided by Praxis Alive can be covered by private health insurance. Please speak to your health insurance company and we will be happy to support you with the necessary documents.
  • Are our conversations confidential?
    Confidentiality is one of the most important parts of the relationship you will have with our Practice Alive Therapist. Your therapist will provide a written copy of the Practice Alive Confidential Disclosure Agreement, and you can expect that what you discuss in the meeting will not be shared with anyone.
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