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Frau hat Schwierigkeiten, sich als Expat zu integrieren

Expat integration

Moving abroad is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. It is a bold move to leave your home country - your comfort zone - and move to a whole new environment with its own climate, culture and customs. With all these sudden changes, it is not surprising that problems arise during the difficult adjustment period.

Some people move abroad for work, while others move abroad to find a job. Either way, it means you're on your own. In both cases, you face the life of an expatriate from day one. Exploring a new culture is great and the so-called "honeymoon" can take time, but when a whole family is transplanted to a new country without preparation, problems will arise. 

There are almost endless problems that arise when moving abroad. Sometimes you're better equipped to face the challenges of the day, but sometimes everything and even nothing just feels like too much.

Some of the most common difficulties expat face are: 

Stages of Expat Life
  1. The honeymoon. There is nothing like falling in love and starting an adventure! You play around the world through the rose-colored glasses and the flawless surface. But what you might not realize; You are a tourist first before becoming an official expat. 

  2. Nestling.It's time to unpack the last boxes, buy some extra furniture and hang up the paintings. At the same time, you begin to face challenges - such as how to bring internet, utilities and daily routines into the place. Luckily you have other expats to ask for advice. 

  3. Culture shock.  Your life is filled with your new friends, the calendar is full of events, but somehow something is still missing. Sadness creeps into the newly furnished apartment, maybe you even feel depressed, homesickness is there. 

  4. Attitude. The "highs and lows" begin to spread out over time. You better get used to your new home country. The challenges of the beginning are still there, but now you have developed coping skills to adapt to the new culture. 

  5. Maturity. They have created their own mix and way of life, mixing their own culture and the customs of their host country. Navigating between the two is no longer a challenge and the differences are seen as an opportunity to learn and enrich their lives. Now it's time to make the most of it; love your home country and still live fully in your new home country!

Expat and Integration Help - You are Not Alone!

At Praxis Alive, we know that no matter where you move, some expat issues always crop up. But we also know from fact and experience that overcoming it will help you embrace your exciting new life. Don't hesitate to get in touch with Praxis Alive if you need guidance along the way. You can book an individual therapy and take a first step towards a satisfied integration. 

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