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Eine Frau die gemobbed ist

Harassment Cyberbullying

Bullying, harassment and cyberbullying are crimes that often go unreported or even acknowledged. They all involve extreme acts of violence and abuse against one person at the hands of others. This can be online, in person, at work, at school, or even at home - a place meant to be a safe haven.

Bullying is most common in children. Some children tend to show aggressive behavior towards other weaker children that cannot be defined as normal. This behavior has been labeled as abusive, cruel and intimidating. This can have a very negative impact on the "bullyed" child as it directly impacts negatively on the child's self-esteem. If a child is "bullyed" at school on a daily basis, they may show signs of resistance when attending school or otherwise behave atypically at home. Bullying can be understood as a relationship problem that is difficult to end.

Harassment can be defined as a disturbance to a person. This can be done more subtly in the workplace or other public places. harassment is ahuman rights things. It seems someone is trying to discriminate based on age, gender and race, color, religion or disability. In particular, harassment of women in the workplace and in public places is considered a criminal offence. Adult harassment is more common in the workplace than many realize. Bullying also exists in the workplace, but the key difference between bullying and harassment is that harassment can be stopped, but bullying is not easy to stop. Unfortunately, the nature of the workplace is often such that insulting goes on without others knowing about it.

Harassement in Switzerland

Also in the Switzerland is charged with human rights abuses handled. In June 2019, women across Switzerland marched on the streets against harassment.  Amnesty International a survey by which found that 22% of women aged 16 and over in Switzerland had been subjected to non-consensual sexual relations and 59% had been subjected to sexual harassment in the form of unwanted touching, close physical contact or kissing. Amnesty International also found, based on a legal analysis, that Swiss criminal law compromises sexual integrity by "will". Swiss law in this area does not correspond to international human rights standards and needs to be adapted. In particular, it calls for a consensual, rather than violent, definition of rape.

What is Mobbing?

Bullying is a form the harassment who is identified as being bullied, bullied, or physically threatened. When bullying is severe, it can even lead to trauma or other psychological impairments. Bullying was first introduced into the English language with the use of "mob" meaning people acting as a group to commit an attack on a single person. 


Bullying can affect people in a number of ways and the symptoms rage from PTSD (trauma) up to depressions. All in all, it's a traumatizing experience that can impact self-esteem. When self-confidence is reduced, individuals may find it more difficult to defend themselves. The result is an even more beneficial bullying situation for the bully.

What is Cybermobbing?

Cyberbullying is a particularly cruel and insidious form of cyberbullying that children and young people face online. It involves associating with rumors, innuendos, discrediting, isolating, intimidating, and most importantly, making it appear as if the target is responsible (victim blaming). Switzerland will be criminalized if it determines from which Swiss police defined criteria met. 

When to seek help?

If you think you are a victim of bullying, harassment or bullying, you are not alone. Our team at Praxis Alive are available if you decide to seek professional help for yourself or for your child dealing with bullying, harassment or bullying. You can direct one individual therapy or family therapy Book according to your personal needs.

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