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Kurztherapie bei Praxis Alive

Short Therapy

Life is too short to wait! Praxis Alive offers active, goal-oriented brief therapy and counseling to quickly get back on track. When your daily routine, family life, relationships, or work is not going as well as you would like, Alive Brief Therapy can help. The purpose of brief therapy is not to look at the problem from many different perspectives, but to focus on the future and find an appropriate goal and solution.

Short Therapy Packages

Short therapy should be aimed for as early as possible and at low thresholds. It is an effective solution for stress, sleep problems or relationship problems. Brief therapy is also appropriate treatment for anxiety, feeling low on energy, or needing help to cope with a difficult life situation.


The earlier the psychological symptoms are recognized and the sooner therapeutic help is sought, the better the prognosis for recovery. You can book a therapy appointment without a referral via Praxis Alive's online booking system. The appointments are organized as distance or practice appointments with the Mental Health Professional from Praxis Alive.

All therapy packages have a clear structure with the beginning, middle and end phases as separate, important units. We also offer activities tailored to the client's needs, resources and skills. All therapy packages are available in packs of 5.

Below are some examples of our short therapy packages:

Belastender Alltag
Aufruhr der Jugend

For people who find it difficult to relax, tension, challenges in coping with everyday life, occasional stress,fear or experience melancholy.

For young people who have problems with self-esteem, challenges in coping with daily life, relationships or social situations, or who suffer from exhaustion, melancholy or fear.

Feeling like an inappropriate parent again? Despite the good intentions, the situation escalated to the point where you cannot be proud of how you responded to your child's tantrum or demands. 

You make it occasionallystress,  

fear or melancholy with comfort food or alcohol? People who have been successfully treated for an eating disorder or alcohol abuse feel different in many ways, not only free of their symptoms, but also happier and more productive. 

Fühlen Sie sich als Eltern unzulänglich?
Übermäßiges Essen oder Trinken

With the help of a compassionate, non-judgmental expert, you'll learn how to be more balanced and smart about challenging situations. 

Just book us first individual therapy  and we will then discuss the short therapy package option with you and get to work right away!

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