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ein Paar in Scheidung oder Trennung

Divorce Separation

Separation or even divorce is often one of the most difficult times in life. But a crisis is always an opportunity and a new beginning. We welcome you to Praxis Alive at any stage of the divorce process - or even years later - to help build your confidence and facilitate your own recovery.

Trennung und Emotionen

Even if the separation or divorce is the result of a long period of reflection, the emotional storm that follows the decision to separate is surprising. However, facing the pain of feelings is essential to overcome the breakup and slowly move towards a new chapter in life.

Trennung ist schwierig

What makes divorce an especially difficult experience is giving up so much at once.

The detachment of a spouse, a sexual partner, and a friend, and often at least part of the network of family and friends.

If there are children in the family, the everyday life together as parents has been given up. Any shared dreams for the future will be broken, and anything that has been acquired together and has many memories will be shared. It's no wonder the breakup is hard.

Stages of Separation
  1. Shock. What happened seems unreal. The breakup may have come "out of the blue" for one person, while the other may have been working on the issue for a longer period of time and may be more emotionally distant. Gradually, the person begins to ask himself: "Why did this happen to me and us?"

  2. Love has left the building. Anger is a species of its own, and healthy anger is essential to adjusting to divorce - for both parties. The so-called "leaver" may have a harder time processing his own feelings of anger because he also feels guilty.

  3. acting.   The separation may have suchfearof being alone and unable to cope with life that you are trying to get your ex spouse to come back by promising something.

  4. Let go. Typical emotions are still sadness and depression. Gradually, however, the person realizes that they have become stronger, begins to have their own coping mechanisms, and accepts that the breakup actually happened. The emotional turmoil also begins to subside.

  5. acceptance and reorientation. The pain of sorrow begins to let go and moments of genuine joy come again. The new lifestyle as single may still feel uncertain as the transition has been big, but the confidence has grown to the point that you are already able to plan for the future.

Separation and Divorce Help

According toFederal Office for statisticsthere were 17,159 divorces in Switzerland in 2021 and 16,210 in 2020. 


Visits to a Praxis Alive Mental Health Professional can help you manage feelings and thoughts during and after the breakup process. We also act as a mediator, if you need help to discuss the separation or divorce together with your partner, please book them directlycouples therapy session. You are not alone!

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