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life crisis

A crisis can hit us at any stage of our lives. It is the reaction to a critical life event or to a natural change in our development. Most of the time it is a normal reaction to our life challenges. But sometimes struggling with the current situation, the lack of happiness, orientation and life goals, fear or worry about the future or the feeling of being lost can lead to overwhelming helplessness.

What is a life crisis?

Life crises are usually seen as a normal part of our lives. They can arise because of individual life challenges or they can arise as a response to a fundamental change in our development and life.

The most common life crises are:

  • puberty

  • coming out

  • change school

  • time after many years of training

  • Before or after the wedding

  • have children

  • parental separation process

  • Empty Nest Syndrome (after adult children move out)

  • "Midlife Crisis"

  • retirement

  • ...

We all go through several critical life stages, but the way we deal with them differs from person to person. They can create insecurity, despair, helplessness, and sometimes even too muchdepressionfearBurn out  and suicidal thoughts.

But the good news is, at Praxis Alive we can help you build the necessary strength and skills you need to handle these challenging situations!

Treatmets an Therapies

Life crises are seen as normal responses to current individual or general life challenges and need to be dealt with in the present. There are no hard and fast rules on how to deal with it, but there are ways and strategies to help us face these challenging situations with confidence, confidence and empowerment.

We at Praxis Alive pick you up in the problem situation, the here and now, and accompany you on your way to a better future. We help you to understand your current thoughts, feelings and behavior and work with you to develop a new path in life.

We believe that there are different paths to the same goal and finding your own best path is a challenging yet exciting journey.

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