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About me:

As a Solution-Focused Psychotherapist with a degree from the University of Oulu in Finland and training as a Special Education Teacher, I have over a decade of experience working with children and adolescents. With my Master's Degree in Theology, I have opened up a broad perspective for life values, decisions and spiritual questions.

I was born in Finland and currently live with my family in Switzerland. In my work as a Psychotherapist I have gained experience treating behavioral problems, depression, anxiety, working with emotions and neurological disorders. My goal is to help my clients achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life.


As a therapist, I am warm, empathetic, and easy to get along with. I works together with my clients for a better future.

Counseling languages: 

English, Finnish

Diplomas and further education: 

  • Psychotherapist (University of Oulu, Finland)

  • Special Education Teacher (University of Helsinki, Finland)

  • Master of Theology (University of Helsinki, Finland)

As a psychotherapist, it is important for me to create a safe space for my clients to express themselves freely and share their thoughts and feelings without being judged.

I believe that everyone has the potential to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals if given the right tools and support. My role is to support my clients in discovering and using their inner strength and resources to bring about change and live a fulfilled life.

Helena Leppänen


  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Neuropsychiatric Disorders

  • Behavioral problems

  • Mobbing

  • Spirituality







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